How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

Asbestos Removal Cost

Costs for removing asbestos in South East Queensland, QLD including Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Heads, Northern New South Wales, NSW.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and because of its desirable properties, it has been extensively used in construction in the past.

This all changed when it was discovered that asbestos causes a myriad of serious health problems. These days, there are still houses and buildings that have asbestos within them and it’s your best interest to have them removed (if your building or house has one).

This article is going to briefly discuss about asbestos and later on focus on the cost related to detection and removal of asbestos.

Risk Of Not Removing Asbestos

Asbestos is known to cause a several potentially fatal illnesses. It is the asbestos fiber that floats in the air and gets inhaled into the lungs, which then causes the health hazards.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos can be fatal. So the real question is, how much do you value of your health and is it worth it to disregard the asbestos problem to save a couple of thousand dollars?

Also, there are two types of asbestos containing materials. There is the friable and non-friable.


The friable is the dangerous kind as it can release the asbestos fibers into the air. You will need a professional and thorough process to safely remove friable materials, and this is an expensive kind of removal.

Non Friable

For the non-friable, it is not that expensive and in the right circumstance, removal is not necessary. This is because the asbestos is densely packed and won’t easily release the asbestos fibers into the air.

Asbestos Removal Costs

If you suspect that your building or home still has asbestos within them, then its best that you opt for asbestos removal as soon as possible. In Australia, the exact asbestos removal costs will vary from one location to another. However, to give you an idea, this article is going to list a few of the essential asbestos service costs.

Asbestos Testing

Testing – if you suspect that your house or building is in danger of asbestos contamination, then you can send a sample to a testing center.

In Australia, only acknowledged specialists are allowed to perform asbestos testing. The cost can start from as little as $80 to $120 (all figures are Australian dollar). However for larger properties you can expect considerably larger prices.


Fencing Removal – this usually means a complete dig out of an asbestos fence. Usually, if there are no obstacles, costs would be around $15 – $30 per sheet.

If there are obstacles, like concrete or trees, the cost could go up from $25 – $40 per sheet. If the fence it embedded in clay, costs may go for $40 – $60 per sheet.


Roofing – Asbestos removal in roofs usually entails that the entire roof should be removed. For a single-story and average-sized house roof, the costs would be around $3,000 – $5,000.

Keep in mind that some jobs may involve the removal of insulation and the space inside the roof vacuumed out. If the project requires a vacuuming truck and air filtration, then you can expect to add another $500 – $2000.


Sheds – for the average-sized shed, expect the asbestos removal costs to be around $60 – $90 per square meter. Also, the bigger the shed, the lesser the costs per square meter.

If you want the concrete slab removed, then you can expect to pay $30 – $60 per square meter.


Eaves – for a single-story, average-sized and 3 to 4 bedroom house, eaves asbestos removal costs should be around $1,500 – $2,500. For jobs that only require only one side of the house, you can expect to pay around $600 – $800.

External Cladding

External Cladding – for complete removal of external cladding of an average-sized house, usually 3 to 4 bedrooms, you can expect the removal costs to be around $3,500 – $6,500.

However, most companies tend to inspect the site to give you a proper estimated cost, as there are different kinds of cladding and some are difficult to remove.

One example is what is known as popcorn cladding. For houses with popcorn cladding, you can expect to pay more than $6,500 for the removal.

Internal Cladding

Internal Cladding – keep in mind that removal of internal asbestos sheeting is among the most dangerous kind of job when it comes to asbestos removal.

The cost would be around $1,000 – $1,500 per room. Also, This kind of removal is very delicate as the contractor will do a careful job of not contaminating the room.

Any items that have fibers in the room like carpet, clothing and bedding, will trap asbestos, thus should be discarded if contaminated.

As this is a crucial kind of asbestos removal, you might want to consult and hire an experienced asbestos removal contractor.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has a number of desirable properties. However, health study shows it can cause serious illnesses.

Thus, the use of asbestos is heavily restricted, banned or phased-out. If you have an older house or residing in one, then its best that you do an asbestos testing to avoid health complications.

You can have the asbestos removed if your home or building has one. A few of the most common asbestos removal-related jobs are asbestos fence, roofing, sheds, eaves, external cladding and internal cladding removal.

Never attempt to remove asbestos yourself. It is better just to leave the area untouched than to disturb it. Wait until you have the funds to remove it and use a professional. It is not worth the risk of yourself and your family.


Remember to always get at-least 3 quotes for your project and choose a qualified professional who you feel comfortable with.